Cummings V. Zuill Award - Awards for the Year Ending 2018

The Cummings V Zuill Award Committee reviews most applications quarterly, the deadlines being end of May, August, November and February each year. For applicants seeking less than $500, those applications are reviewed as and when received.

Since its inception, the Committee has awarded a total of $420,772. The total number of awards granted is 383 and, in the process, 67 non-profit organisations in Bermuda were assisted.

In 2018, the Committee granted $47,888 in awards. The organisations assisted were:

  • The Reading Clinic

  • Spirit of Bermuda

  • Centre on Philanthropy

  • YouthNet

  • The Family Centre

  • Agape House

  • CURB

  • Phenomenal People


  • Raleigh Bermuda

  • The Anglican Church

  • Chewstick

  • Midlands Height Church

  • Age Concern

Six additional charities were assisted as the Zuill Award supported 10 applicants attending the Centre on Philanthropy’s bi-annual third sector conference. In addition to supporting conference attendance in Bermuda and overseas, as well as a variety of training courses and workshops, the Cummings V Zuill Award helped two individuals studying for a BSc in Human Services and an MA in Youth Work & Community Development, respectively.

If your non-profit organisation would benefit from assistance, check this website for application details.