You can make a difference in the third sector community, and the Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award can help.



In order to be considered for a Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award, applicants must be either Bermudian or be able to demonstrate the ability to work in Bermuda’s third sector (e.g., spouse of a Bermudian, PRC holder, a work permit for employment with a third sector organization).  

Applicants must provide evidence of commitment to the third sector and must clearly describe the benefits available to the sector following completion of the course of study or the training programme. 

It is essential that any application for financial support is backed by at least one third sector organisation. Evidence of backing will normally take the form of a letter from the organisation outlining its reason for supporting the individual and explaining how the organisation will benefit from the training. Applications that do not include a letter in support from a third section organisation will not be considered.

The Committee managing the Awards may, at its discretion, request that individuals who have received Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award offer workshops or training to share their skills in Bermuda with other service providers.


The Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award is available to persons who are engaged in, or who intend to pursue a career in, the third sector after completing an accredited programme of study.  To qualify for an Award, the programme of study must lead to:

  • A Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree from an accredited college or university, or,
  • A Certificate of successful completion  from an accredited institution.

Award recipients are expected to assume a professional position in the third sector in Bermuda after completion of the programme.


The Award is also available for individuals who are pursuing training or skill development which would benefit both the individual and the third sector organisation but which does not necessarily lead to a degree or certificate. 

Gathering with these environmental leaders has enabled me to strengthen and expand our programme as we collaborate with global partners.
— A.C., Greenrock

award committee considerations

Successful candidates will be selected based on the applicant’s academic excellence and technical skills, the overall quality of the application and career plan, as well as the anticipated benefits to the third sector and Bermuda community. Specifically, the Award Committee will assess the applicant's qualities of character, leadership, responsibility, community involvement and dedication to achievement. 

Although the Award Committee will consider merit in the first instance, the financial need of the applicant and/or the third sector organisation supporting the application may be taken into account also.

In short, to be eligible the candidate must:

  • have identified specific educational goals or professional career objectives which will benefit the third sector;
  • have the support of a third sector organization; and,
  • on completion of the studies, be available to render services of value to the third sector in Bermuda.

The Committee may choose, at its discretion, not to make awards in any quarter.


The Award Committee considers three types of applications:

  1. those seeking funding that is less than $500,
  2. those seeking funding that is more than $500, and,
  3. those seeking funding to bring in an instructor from overseas to train a group of people in Bermuda.

For #1 - a 'Short Form Application' - these are considered as needed, upon submission. The third sector body involved may apply for this funding on behalf of its staff and/or volunteers. The maximum award amount is $500/person.

For #2 - an 'Individual Application' - these are considered and assessed quarterly. The individual who is undertaking the course of study or participating in the training programme must apply personally for the funding support. The award amount will normally be more than $500/person.

For #3 - Group Application - the Award Committee will consider applications as and when requested by one or more third sector organisations for a group of staff and/or volunteers. The award amount will vary depending on the training involved. 

NOTE: Award applicants are free to accept other awards, loans or funds from other sources so long as the total amount of financial support does not exceed the cost of training.

key points to remember:

  • All applicants and/or supporting third sector organisations are expected to contribute towards the total study or training costs. That contribution should be at least 20% of the total. In calculating total costs. applicants can include ancillary costs such as flights, accommodation, meals, ground transportation, etc. 
  • For Individual Applications, applicants are expected to submit a personal statement no longer than one page, which should convey as clearly as possible a commitment to the field, the experiences sought as a result of this commitment, goals within the field and why the chosen course of study is appropriate at this time in their life. The statement is a chance to express personal convictions regarding issues within the field of the affiliated third sector organisation.
  • If the award is intended to financially support a training course or degree programme which is subject to a passing grade, the Committee may, at its discretion, consider providing a portion of the award in advance with the balance being paid upon receipt of evidence showing a passing grade and/or successful completion of the course.

award conditions

There are some conditions attached to the Award, as outlined below.

  • The Committee reserves the right to withdraw the Award if an awardee becomes involved in any activity which, in its opinion, places the prestige of the Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award in jeopardy and/or if the individual’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 or its equivalent.
  • The awardee must keep the Committee informed of his/her progress by submitting grades and/or transcripts as issued and other such written reports that may be requested from time to time. Failure to comply may lead to suspension or forfeiture of the award.
  • The awardee must inform the Committee of any unusual or unanticipated personal circumstances that might affect his/her educational performance.
  • The Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award is not obligated to pay any expenses if an applicant resits a course.
  • All fees are paid directly to the institution of study unless otherwise agreed.
  • The awardee may be asked to supply a photographs and testimonial.

Download the full list of Award Conditions from the Apply Now page.