Cummings V. Zuill Award - Awards for the Year Ending 2018

The Cummings V Zuill Award Committee reviews most applications quarterly, the deadlines being end of May, August, November and February each year. For applicants seeking less than $500, those applications are reviewed as and when received.

Since its inception, the Committee has awarded a total of $420,772. The total number of awards granted is 383 and, in the process, 67 non-profit organisations in Bermuda were assisted.

In 2018, the Committee granted $47,888 in awards. The organisations assisted were:

  • The Reading Clinic

  • Spirit of Bermuda

  • Centre on Philanthropy

  • YouthNet

  • The Family Centre

  • Agape House

  • CURB

  • Phenomenal People


  • Raleigh Bermuda

  • The Anglican Church

  • Chewstick

  • Midlands Height Church

  • Age Concern

Six additional charities were assisted as the Zuill Award supported 10 applicants attending the Centre on Philanthropy’s bi-annual third sector conference. In addition to supporting conference attendance in Bermuda and overseas, as well as a variety of training courses and workshops, the Cummings V Zuill Award helped two individuals studying for a BSc in Human Services and an MA in Youth Work & Community Development, respectively.

If your non-profit organisation would benefit from assistance, check this website for application details.

Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award - 2014 Awards

The Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award Committee assesses, on a quarterly basis, applications seeking more than $500 in financial support. For those requesting amounts less than $500, the Committee assesses the applications as and when they are received.

In 2014, the Award Committee agreed funding for nine individuals and four groups in the amount of $26,829. Of that amount, $15,079 was paid out and $11,750 was deferred.

The organisations receiving 2014 Award funding were: the Bermuda Coalition, Centre on Philanthropy, Family Centre, Greenrock, Centre Against Abuse, Salvation Army and PRIDE. 

The programmes supported included overseas conferences and leadership forums, the Streetwise MBA programme at the Bermuda College and addiction treatment training. 

Since its inception, the Cummings V. Zuill Leadership Award has contributed almost $250,000 to 168 individuals working with 45 of Bermuda's third sector organisations.